Dead Guy Ale

Deep honey in color, Hearty malt aroma, bold hop flavor. ABV of 6.3% The Clone Kit produces a drink that is virtually indistinguishable in color, flavor, and hop profile from the original.  It’s a beautiful copper beer with a rich malty backbone and firm hop bitterness built in the style of the strong bock beers of Germany.

OG: 1.063 FG: 1.016 IBU’s: 40
3 lbs Briess CBW Brewers Gold Dry Malt Extract
1 lb Brewers Crystals – 56% Maltose Corn Sugar
1 lb Munich Malt
.5 lb Crystal Malt 40L
1 oz Rogue Farms Independent Hops (Bittering)
.5 oz Czech Saaz Pellet Hops (Flavor)
.5 oz Czech Saaz Pellet Hops (Aroma)
Yeast: Recommended Wyeast Rogue Pacman

Steep grains at 160 degrees for 10 minutes (this seemed really short so we steeped for 30)
Stir in 1 lb DME, boil 15 minutes
Add Bittering Hops, boil 45 minutes
Stir in remaining 2 lbs DME and Brewers Crystal (sugar), add Flavoring Hops, boil 15 minutes
Take off heat, add Aroma Hops, let sit 10 minutes
80 degrees and then add yeast

Ferment 10-20 days, rack – Produced Jan 2012 – Entirely consumed by Mar 1

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